Hello, I'm Bridie. 

A lover of the suburban life, a frequenter of the city. I love to join the hustle of the surrounding cities, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and beyond, to meet people who are launching products and businesses before retreating to my quiet oasis in Ra'anana to strategize and focus.

I create extraordinary business marketing strategies that provide short term returns and long term growth. No more dead-end content campaigns. No more laying down cash that you'll never see ROI on.

Proven, effective marketing strategies that consider your business's needs as a whole.

But I don't stop there. The KEY to feeling the value of the chosen strategies is an effective action plan which will give you a visual overview of what you need to do, and when.

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"Bridie gave me a personal workshop that started from the most VERY basic tour of a LinkedIn page, and then taught me how it functions, what I want to write where, and how to connect to my people.

You can't teach the basics AND all its power unless you are a master. I am so grateful.

Thanks, Bridie! 5 stars!"

Shev S. (Shine Brand Clarity)

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